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Franchise dommages
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Franchise dommages
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Franchise vol
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Faites de votre location quelque-chose d'unique

Faites de votre location quelque-chose d'unique

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Protégé toi pour toute éventualité. Platinum couvre entièrement le véhicule (même le toit, les intérieurs, et le bas de caisse qui ne sont pas compris avec la Gold), en plus elle comprend le PAI et l’assistance routière.
Louez en toute tranquillité!

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Monday – Friday
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Saturday and Sunday
08:00 / 16:00

Car Rental Roma Termini

Discover Roma and live your holiday by car with us! 

Noleggiare is the best choice for your car rental in Roma Termini. You can pick up your car directly near the train station. New cars perfect for your holidays or your work, with affordable rates and a wide range of vehicles from which to choose. Clear contracts, flexible solutions and services, road assistance 7 days a week: the tailor-made car rental awaits you in our offices, located in airports and towns in all Italy, including islands.

Central Office

Our office is located in a strategic area, really close to the Roma Termini train station.


Do you need assistance before, during or after your rental? Don’t worry, we are at your disposal!

Comfort of driving a car

Driving your car in Rome is the best choice if you want to visit the city independently and comfortably. You can find a lot of parking in the historical centre, both free or payable, and you can walk through the most famous streets of Rome without worries.

What to visit in Rome Termini

Rome, the capital of Italy is a very big city and there are a lot of thing to do and to see. To visit the whole city you need at least a couple of days and the main attractions are: Piazza di Spagna dominated by the famous Trinità dei Monti staircase, Trevi fountain, Piazza Venezia with the majestic Vittoriano behind which stands the Campidoglio; Colosseum, Roman Forum and much more.
Rome has a very long and complicated history, fall under the spell of this magic city!


Suggested destinations

The best part of renting a car is that you have the possibility to visit some more distant places. A couple of miles from the city, you can visit the Roman castle, on the hills just outside the metropolitan area. Don’t miss Città del Vaticano, the heart of the catholic Church in the historic centre of Rome. In addition, from Roma Tiburtina you can easily drive to the Tyrrhenian coast and to the most popular locations: Ladispoli, Fregene; Ostia.

Pack your luggage and book your rental car: Roma and Lazio await you with Noleggiare!