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Nolly: the advantages of a subscription


3,000 km/month* and additional driver included

*100 km/day​


Blocked rental fee for 6 months


Third-party vehicle insurance, car property tax, routine and special maintenance


Additional optional coverage


Pay the first month and block the price


Credit cards as collateral

Which cars can you subscribe to with Nolly?

Group A1

Hyundai  i10

or similar *

for € 460.00

per month / VAT included

Group B

Fiat  Panda

or similar *

for € 489.00

per month / VAT included

Group C

Ford  Fiesta

or similar *

for € 529.00

per month / VAT included

Group J


or similar *

for € 675.00

per month / VAT included

Group S

Peugeot  308 Sw

or similar *

for € 775.00

per month / VAT included

Group O+

Mustang  Mach-e

or similar *

for € 1189.00

per month / VAT included

What makes us different?

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A subscription is the right choice for you if you’re looking for flexibility, affordability and exclusive advantages.

Frequently asked questions

No, you’re not committed to the subscription for six months. With Nolly by Noleggiare, you can choose how long you’d like to commit, starting from just one month and for as long as you need. You can opt for an extended period of up to six consecutive months. It’s up to you! We’re here to do whatever we can to ensure you the best rental experience possible.

Yes, based on the availability, you can drive the same car for the entire subscription period. However, please note that allocation of the same car will be prioritised for current users, but availability cannot be guaranteed. We’ll do our best to meet your needs and make sure you can drive the same car if that’s what you want.

No, you don’t have to worry about that. Noleggiare bears all maintenance costs. This means that we take care of routine and special maintenance to make sure you always drive efficient vehicles.

This policy is intended to offer a stress-free rental solution so you can stop worrying about additional maintenance costs and drive your car with peace of mind.

No, that’s not allowed. Usually, there’s a designated driver who is responsible for the vehicle. Moreover, you can add up to two drivers who must be authorised and registered as “authorised drivers”.

For safety and insurance reasons, this approach ensures that all the vehicle’s drivers are covered by insurance, while clearly defining liability. To maintain insurance coverage and adhere to the terms of your rental subscription, it’s essential to ensure compliance with policies and restrictions regarding additional drivers.

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