Damage policy

By signing the contract, you authorize the Lessor to charge your credit card presented the amounts corresponding to any damage found on the vehicle in the return process and the related cost management of all administrative matters related to the damage found.
In particular, the management practices related to damages imply the immediate charge of an administrative fee amounting to € 80.00 including VAT.
All easily detectable damages are managed through our Damage Tables, developed and periodically updated experts enrolled in the national role. These tables allow you to manage the damages in a practical and fast way, bringing the average repair cost of the most common minor damages based on the amounts requested by body shops and workshops for parts and labor. The amounts shown in the Tables do not include the administrative fee. The purchase of our limitations / exclusions of liability, however, covers you for damages caused to the vehicle. Below we illustrate how damages are detected and charged and how any disputes relating to the same are managed.0

Car control

During check-out (vehicle exit for hire), all the damages already present on the vehicle will be listed in the appropriate Check-Out Form. Please check it carefully, making sure there are no errors and report any discrepancies to our operators before exit with the vehicle from the location.
At the time of delivery (check-in) we will perform a new check on the vehicle and deliver you a Check-In Form, in which any new damage not caused by normal deterioration will be indicated. Normal deterioration refers to the normal wear due to a reasonable use of the car (es. scratches and minimum chipping, micro-dents and normal wear and tear of the wheel rims and the wiper blades). For more details, we invite you to check out our Damage Tables

During peak periods our staff will need a time from 15 to 30 minutes to perform the control at check-in and agree with you any detected damage. If you are in a hurry and can not wait, the control and detection will be made in your absence.

Hidden damages

During check-in, some damage may not be immediately obvious, such as those caused to the car inaccessible components (engine, tank, clutch, etc.) or hidden due to low light / unfavorable weather conditions. If they are detected damage of this type, we then inform the recognition, providing all the documentary evidence of what was found before charging the related costs.

Techincal stoppage

If the vehicle were to be subject to repairs, we may send you regular repair bill includes the item “days of technical standstill”, or the days of non-use of the vehicle for the time needed for repairs and the procurement of spare parts.

Damage detection and charge

The detection phase is characterized by the following three most common scenarios:

  • Simple Damage, agreed at return. For simple damages agreed and accepted by you at check-in, you will be charged an amount equal to that indicated in Damage Tables (see Damage Tables) that will be included in the final bill.
  • Simple Damage, not agreed because you were not present. If at check-in you can not be present (in haste or return after hours) and the damage detected is simple, our staff will assess the amount to be charged using the Damage Tables (see Damage Tables). In such cases you will be informed accordingly by e-mail or regular mail before the actual charging and billing. The present notification will be sent within 3 working days from the return of the vehicle with the attached documents to prove the damage.
  • Major damage If the damage is important and is not one of those shown in Damage Tables (see Damage Tables), we will take an expert to make an assessment. Within 3 working days after delivery, there will be a notification sent by electronic or traditional mail with certified technical estimate, indication of the damage and its cost.


You will have 5 working days following our charge notification to dispute the amount claimed for damages. If within 5 working days from notification we do not received any objection we will proceed with the required debit collection. 
Our charge notifications will present in any case all the documents proving the presence of the newly discovered damage.
Any redemption requests may be sent to our Customer Service which can be contacted by referring to the appropriate section on our Web site: contacts.