Electric vehicles. Happy renting!

Renting an electric car has never been so easy, safe, and convenient.

Electric vehicles. Happy renting!

Choosing a Noleggiare electric vehicle means enjoying a turnkey service in line with the electric mobility plan.

You won’t just rent a vehicle. You’ll enjoy a personalised experience in the SHORT, MEDIUM, AND LONG TERM, which means: easy booking processes, 24/7 support and high-quality integrated services.

The advantages of renting an electric vehicle 


Fixed prices and no down payments for all charging systems


You can use any AC and DC system across Europe.


Active 24/7 to solve any problem in real time.


On-the-road interventions with emergency charging system.


Car rental integrating an additional charging system or wallbox installation.

Charge your way!

Noleggiare‘s “electric” offering includes two exclusive, free options valid across Italy and Europe.

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myevfleet App:

Travelling by electric car has never been easier thanks to the wealth of information provided by the digital map.

This application allows you to view the nearest charging systems and those available along the way.

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Key Fob:

The charging key that allows you to use any AC and DC charging station and pay when you drop off the vehicle.

The electric vehicle for any need

Noleggiare‘s fleet of electric vehicles is divided into several groups and categories to meet the needs of individuals and businesses. We choose our car and van models carefully to ensure the best vehicles available on the market.

As we keep expanding our range, we are always sure to provide high-performing vehicles meeting any mobility need.

Start your environmentally friendly journey now!